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World premier!

Burns 100% safely. Steel wick with lifetime warranty.

Environmentally harmless fuel. No soot or odor.


Enjoy the dancing flames that create such a cosy and ambient atmosphere – whether it’s at your dinner party, on the sideboard or on the terrace on lazy, late evenings. Our table top models come in various sizes and shapes. The wicks range from 2 cm till 5 cm – creating a lively flame much larger than an ordinary candle.


With our ventless fireplaces you can enjoy a flickering flame in every room. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, the hall, the bedroom or out on the terrace. All the fireplaces are uncomplicated to install – all you need is a pencil, a level and a drill. In less than 15 minutes the fireplace is ready to use. It is also easy to move from one location to another – one fireplace can be used in different rooms – whenever you want.


We are introducing a new revolutionary, modern and secure alternative to controlling and enjoying open flames. To ignite the fuel, the steel wick must reach a temperature of more than 104 degrees Celsius, which is easily done just by using a lighter. TenderFuel is totally safe – you can in fact pour the liquid on the burner while it is burning. The stainless steel wick comes with a lifetime warranty. The concept is widely patented.

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