100% clean flame
Zero scent, soot & smoke
No bioethanol
For indoor & outdoor use
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    • TENDERFUEL-1 TENDERFUEL Tenderflame is the safe solution to create a cosy atmosphere. Tenderfuel is so safe that you can even top up a burning table hearth or fire. It can also be used indoors due to its minimal emissions.
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    IN & OUTSIDE Tenderflame creates a cosy atmosphere both inside and outside. Our table fires are designed as stylish table accessories and our fires create atmosphere without the need for a drain.
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    Tenderflame is the environmentally friendly alternative. One ordinary tea light produces more soot than 50 of our Lilly 8. All TenderFlame products burn clean and emit very few soot particles. Do you value cosiness and the environment, Tenderflame is the right choice!