100% clean flame
Zero scent, soot & smoke
No bioethanol
For indoor & outdoor use
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  • Freestanding 180 MgO Glass Concrete
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    Tenderflame Freestanding 180 MgO Glass Concrete

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    € 799,99 Incl. tax

    Tenderflame are cosy burners that create a unique atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. With one or two Tenderflames on the table, every day is a party. With Tenderflame you make it cosy without it being at the expense of your indoor climate.

    • Article code: TF-0618001
    • EAN: 7090037741598

    Product description

    The Freestanding is a modernly designed, easy-to-install fireplace where the dancing flame is visible on all sides. Real flames for indoors or outdoors where no chimney is needed. Because its design is timeless, the Freestanding can fit into many interiors. The Freestanding burns on Tenderfuel and, fully filled, burns for about 3.5 hours with minimal soot, smoke or smell. The reservoir underneath the specially developed stainless steel wick has a capacity of 1050 ml. Besides being clean, the Tenderfuel is also safe as it is not highly flammable. The Freestanding can be used both outdoors and indoors and measures approx. 60 x 36 x 67 cm.


    Number in carton1
    Product length60 cm
    Product gewicht40 kg
    Packaging length65 cm
    Packaging width45 cm
    Packaging height70 cm
    Capacity1050 ml
    Burning hours3.5
    Tank1050 ml

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