100% clean flame
Zero scent, soot & smoke
No bioethanol
For indoor & outdoor use
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    Frequently asked questions


    1.1 What is Tenderfuel?

    Our fuel is completely unique and is called Tenderfuel. In combination with the patented wick(s), Tenderflame offers unparalleled safety. The fuel is not classified as toxic or flammable and only ignites at 104 degrees Celsius and only in combination with the stainless steel wick. Tenderfuel has been thoroughly tested and analysed at various test institutes and universities such as: Teknologisk Institutt (KIWA), TI, Svensk Proving (RISE) and the German TUV. We can therefore assume the following: the product is safe to store, safe to burn and it can be safely exposed to, for example, our skin. In addition, Tenderfuel offers the possibility of bringing the cosiness of a fireplace into your home without the need for a chimney. 

    1.2 How do I top up Tenderfuel?

    Our unique fuel Tenderfuel is not combustible in itself and therefore harmless. It is only flammable in combination with the stainless steel wick. It is even possible to add some Tenderfuel when the (table) fire is burning. We recommend that you let the table fire burn out completely and only refill it before the (table) fire is used next time. Do not let the container overflow with Tenderfuel, so make sure that the Tenderfuel does not come over the metal plate around the wick.

    1.3 How clean is Tenderfuel?

    Tenderfuel produces steam and a minimal amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) upon ignition. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is far below the limits set by the WHO. Again, extensive tests have been carried out.

    1.4 Can the (table) fireplaces be used both indoors and outdoors?

    The (table) fireplaces can be used both indoors and outdoors. Do not expose the (table) fire outside to rain or damp conditions. If the (table) fireplaces are used outside, this may affect the estimated burning time of the (table) fireplaces.

    1.5 How do I light the (table) fire?

    Fill the (table) fire with Tenderfuel and make sure that the liquid is poured over the wick as well, so that it absorbs the Tenderfuel well. Then light the wick with a Tenderflame lighter or other long lighter. Because Tenderfuel only starts burning at 104 degrees Celsius (in combination with the wick), lighting can take a few seconds (depending on the heat of the lighter used).

    1.6 How do I extinguish the (table) fireplace?

    The smaller table fires such as the Lilly can be blown out. 
    The larger models such as the Café and Tulip come with a dover. By placing this over the wick, the flame is extinguished. We advise you to leave the dover on the wick until the next use.
    The fireplaces with the separate burners (90 & 180) are also supplied with a dover. The dover is placed between the glass panels to extinguish the flame. When this does not work at once, try again.

    1.7 Does the wick need maintenance?

    There are no special maintenance requirements. Dust can be wiped off with a slightly damp cloth and the wick itself has a lifetime guarantee provided it is used in conjunction with Tenderfuel.

    1.8 There are small sparks with smoke coming from the fuse, is this dangerous and what can I do about it?

    When the table fire has been used for a while and there is still Tenderfuel in it (the wick), it can happen that the table fire shows a kind of sputtering/popping. This is caused by the moisture that the Tenderfuel draws from the air. When this moisture is heated, the small droplets burst and steam is released. There are two ways to prevent this. First, let the Tenderfuel burn out completely when burning the table stove. That way there is no Tenderfuel present to draw the moisture out of the air. The second option is to top up the table fire with fresh Tenderfuel before burning. It is important here that the wick is also covered with the fuel. The sputtering/ popping does not constitute any health or safety risk.

    Retail locations

    2.1 Where can I buy Tenderflame products?

    You can find our points of sale on this page. Are you looking for a specific model? Then send us a message. We will check whether the product is available in your nearest store. You can do this here! 

    Do you want to become a retailer?

    3.1 How can I purchase Tenderflame products?

    Would you like to buy our products? Leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible! 

    Other questions

    4.1 Is your question not included?

    Please contact the dealer you bought your Tenderflame. They can advise you further.