100% clean flame
Zero scent, soot & smoke
No bioethanol
For indoor & outdoor use
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    Tenderflame TenderFuel 1 liter

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    € 12,99 Incl. tax

    Tenderflame are cosy burners that create a unique atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. With one or two Tenderflames on the table, every day is a party. With Tenderflame you make it cosy without it being at the expense of your indoor climate.

    • Article code: TF-200141
    • EAN: 7090037731384

    Product description

    TenderFuel is a new and revolutionary fuel that can only be used in combination with Tenderflame table fires. The specially developed stainless steel wick in combination with the Tenderfuel results in impressive dancing flames. The uniqueness of Tenderfuel is that it is clean and safe. Clean because it contains hardly any harmful substances and therefore causes minimum emissions and safe because it is non-toxic and only ignites at a temperature of 104 degrees Celsius. Another advantage is that it hardly gives off any odour.

    Specifications 1 liter

    Number in carton12
    Product gewicht13.2 kg
    Packaging length34 cm
    Packaging width26 cm
    Packaging height26 cm
    Capacity1000 ml


    Specifications 2.5 liter

    Number in carton4
    Product gewicht10.6 kg
    Packaging length30 cm
    Packaging width15 cm
    Packaging height25 cm
    Capacity2500 ml


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